Virtual Reality Photo Tours

06 March 2016

3D Design & Engineering has started offering VR Photo Tours for site mapping purposes. Imagine if you never had to visit a site again because a picture didn't fully capture what you were looking for. VR Photo tours eliminate many problems and save time & money! With the click of a button you can instantly be transported to your job site and enjoy a 360 degree view. Imagine having a Google Street View in the middle of your project location. This technology is great for as-builts and also for undeveloped sites as managers can give everyone on their staff a virtual tour of the property so that everyone is on the same page or demonstrate existing equipment at the site.

3D Laser Scanning

1 March 2016

3D Design & Engineering is offering state of the art 3D Laser Scanning for new and proposed structures. Using new scanning technology along with point-cloud simulations, we can tell you exactly what is at your site down to the millimeter! View the video below for more information: