Lake Projects

Although 3D Design & Engineering has been involved with countless civil engineering projects including lake design, detention/retemntion, mitigation, and much more, in 2015 3D Design & Engineering broke new ground with innovative techniques for lake design. Using methods created by 3D Design & Engineering, lakes we able to be designed and modeled all over Texas based on real topography. Customers recieved not only drawings and models showing real-life and exaggerated views of topography with lake design and environmental impact, but their construction crews could use the 3D models for automated excavation.

Project Management

Project management was a key aspect of the lake projects. Because 3D Design & Engineering was generating 3D models that were utilized by the construction crews on their automated machinery, methods had to be created that would take the engineering models and translate them into a "language" the machinery could understand. The project was challenging, and 3D Design & Engineering is happy to report they successfully rose to the challenge!