Rawland Sites

Over the course of the past 20 years, 3D Design & Engineering as well as its personnel have been involved in hundreds if not thousands of new build sites for the telecomm industry. From the most common equipment scenarios (concrete pads, elevated platforms, equipment shelters or rooms) and tower types (self-support, guyed, monopole) to the most challenging sites (flood zones, flood ways, soil contamination building roof tops, water tanks, etc.) you can rely on 3D Design & Engineering's experience and expertise to guide you through the project. Not only does 3D Design & Engineering focus on safety, but also cost. Even in the most tedious of settings where a site requires landscaping, has contaminated soil, and is in a flood way we will still make keeping cost down a top priority with our design and engineering staff.

Project Planning

3D Design & Engineering has experience in all phases of construction. From a site feasability study and proposal drawings, to the geotechnical study, and the final site inspection upon construction completion you can count on 3D Design & Engineering to cover all of the bases. Because all of our services are performed in-house we are able to provide the customer with the best turn around time and communication. It is also much easier for us to aquire permits and coordinate surveying as needed. In the end, you can have peace of mind knowing 3D Design & Engineering has you covered!