Site Mapping

3D Design & Engineering has visited hundreds of existing telecommunications facilities over the years. The reasons for visiting a site are varied but one thing is always the same: 3D Design & Engineering delivers our customers accurate measurements and quality photos. Wether you need to know what is existing at the site, an as-built certificate, inspection, or want to add onto an existing site 3D Design & Engineering will get the job done promptly and with the customers expectations in mind.

Surveying & 3D Scanning

In nearly every project 3D Design & Engineering has been a part of they have played an integral role coordinating surveying and scanning of existing and new sites. We make sure to get the most accurate survey of land keeping in mind aspects like drainage, topography, and soil conditions. 3D Design & Engineering is also capable of 3D Scanning your site using state of the art equipment to generate a virtual reality for you to keep on record or to use as a jumping off point for building additions.