Projects and Awards

Having been involved in thousands of projects over the past decade in the telecommunications, oil & gas, and lake design industries has led to a company culture that fosters award-winning results.

For several consecutive years, 3D Design & Engineering has been named one of the Best & Brightest Companies to work for in the Houston metro. In 2021, 3D Design & Engineering appeared in the Wall Street Journal as one of the Best & Brightest Companies to work for in the nation. Among other awards, 3D Design & Engineering has received Aggregate Technologies nationally recognized “Excellence in Construction” award as well as multiple awards within the telecommunications industry for innovation, structural design & 3D modeling abilities.

3D Design & Engineering strives to be at the forefront of innovation in our industry. Many “firsts” have been developed and initiated through 3D Design & Engineering’s motivation to always use the best tools for the job. Some innovations and “firsts” in our industry include 3D modeling / 3D structural analysis / 3D PDFs, utilizing drones for telecommunications, implementing virtual reality to bring remote customers to job sites virtually, and generating 3D modeling for the use of semi-autonomous heavy machinery which grades and excavates lakes without the use of dedicated operators.

3D Design & Engineering staff and leadership have substantial experience and have continually went the extra mile to help bring innovation and excellence to their industries. Founder and President, Nabil Mimouni, has been on the board of XYZ for many years helping to oversee and review civil engineering standards. Patrick McNerney, co-owner and COO of 3D Design & Engineering, has been a contributor to multiple 5G technology textbooks and currently acts as the chairman of the 5G committee for ETA (Electronics Technology Association International) where Mr. McNerney developed a 5G curriculum for technicians, project managers, and engineers working on the nation’s 5G build out. Mr. McNerney acts as instructor of the 5G certification course which is presented at multiple of the nation’s largest telecommunications trade shows.

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Superbowl LI

Incredible cross-discipline and industry cooperation was achieved with all parties involved from cell carriers, to The NFL, the City of Houston Permitting, and local power and fiber companies. Existing cell sites were modified/expanded, and temporary sites were constructed all over the city successfully to accommodate the increase in cellular traffic.

Houston’s Roll Out of 5G

3D Design & Engineering has been working tirelessly to build, expand, and offer support for Houston’s 5G Network. 3D Design & Engineering started with the design of small cell sites in the public right-of-way in late 2018 and has been working non-stop to support the 5G network build out including: site feasibility, site design, A&E, permitting, utility coordination, utility locating, and surveying.

Automated Lake Design

In 2015, 3D Design & Engineering broke new ground with innovative techniques for lake design. Using methods created by 3D Design & Engineering, lakes were designed and modeled all over Texas based on real topography. Customers received not only drawings and models showing real-life and exaggerated views of topography with lake design and environmental impact, but their construction crews could use the 3D models for automated excavation. 3D Design & Engineering continues working on various lake projects all over the State of Texas.

Demolition & Renovation

3D Design & Engineering has been involved with the demolition and renovation of many bridges and buildings. Many provide unique engineering and safety challenges, especially when located downtown in the fourth largest city in the United States. One prime example of this includes safely removing and installing new building facades without compromising the safety of pedestrian traffic during or after the completion of construction. An extremely challenging project that many other firms passed on.